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About Us

The mission of Runestone Academy is to democratize (make available to all) textbooks for the 21st century.  To accomplish that mission we have partnered with many institutions, the NSF, and professionals to make high quality interactive textbooks available to all students for free.  

We have over 50 textbooks available that are being used by over 75,000 students worldwide each semester.  

Workplace with modern laptop with program code on screen


Runestone was born from a sabbatical project of Bradley Miller in 2011, where he moved his paper textbook for computer science to an online interactive book.  This first online textbook was used in the classroom in 2012 by 60 students at Luther College.  At this stage it was called Runestone Interactive LLC.

In 2021 Runestone Interactive became Runestone Academy LTD a nonprofit corporation.  We have grown from 1 text book for 60 students to over 50 textbooks for over 75,000 students.  

How Many Ways is Runestone Free?

  • No-cost textbook hosting. You can be up and running in minutes with no local IT involvement!
  • Ad-free textbooks when logged in. As a first time visitor you might see some ads when you are poking around our books. We serve ads to un-registered users to help cover our costs.
  • Freedom from slimy ways of monetizing your personal information.
  • Freedom to change and modify textbooks. All textbooks on Runestone are Open Source either GNU-FDL or Creative Commons.
  • Freedom to run your own server or change the server code. All of our code carries an MIT open source license.

Runestone Academy LTD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Any contributions of support you make to Runestone are tax deductible.    Donations help pay for servers, support, improvements, additional textbooks.  Please help the project with a small donation

Workplace with modern laptop with program code on screen